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  • a huge resource of content, and media : download free wallpapers, music, videos, artwork and more !
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New movie screenshots leaked

By Kubak12, on 10/11/14 at 9:16pm

33 commentsFacebook

Well Ratchet & Clank fans, a new dose of screenshots has been found in the depths of Rainmaker site. Take a look at Metropolis and… Well, a pretty controversial design of one of the returning characters...

Image utilisateur Image utilisateur

Image utilisateur Image utilisateur

Image utilisateur Image utilisateur

Image utilisateur

Also, Ratchet’s picture that might be a part of a new poster acts as one of the site’s buttons.

Image utilisateur

So, do you like new Drek’s design? Are you excited to see more amazing shots of the beautiful Metropolis, Ratchet flying in his new space ship and all other sorts of epicness in the Ratchet & Clank movie? Tell us in the comments and stay tuned with Ratchet Galaxy for all the Ratchet & Clank news.

[UP] New details about the upcoming game

By Kubak12, on 09/19/14 at 8:01pm

24 commentsFacebook

[UPDATE] New 'Ratchet & Clank' movie screenshots appeared on Cinema Management Group's website - take a first look at the Galactic Rangers (yup, they're not a robot army anymore).

Your eyes are not fooling you – after 10 months of silence news are finally coming back to English front page of Ratchet Galaxy, thanks to the site’s French staff who allowed me to become your ‘newser’. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the latest updates on the upcoming PS4 game… There’s quite a lot of it.

First off, despite what many people think, Ratchet & Clank on PS4 is not an HD remaster of the original PS2 game. This is from the ground up remake, or as Insomniac called it, a re-imagining of the original game. Everything is going to be redone – graphics, levels, music… It will also have all the improvements of the gameplay mechanics, so there’s no need to worry about the lack of strafing. The game is going to run on the new Insomniac engine, used in the production of “Fuse” and “Sunset Overdrive”. The graphics are said to be comparable to the visuals of greatest games on PS4, which means we’re up to have one of the most beautiful games we’ve ever seen, and surely the nicest looking Ratchet & Clank title. As to the game’s framerate, it is still too early for Insomniac to say if they’ll be able to make the game run with 60 FPS or not. They have however claimed, that graphics are their priority and they won’t be sacrificing them to "hit the number".

Image utilisateur

The game will “share the film’s vision of Ratchet’s origin story”, but it will not follow it line-by-line – it’s going to get a lot of it’s own content. Insomniac Games also responded to the fans afraid that Future saga storyline will end with “Nexus” – starting the story over with the movie does not mean they’ll leave the original series, and “Nexus” might still get a sequel in the future.

The game is being developed by North Carolina studio (the team behind the latest three “Ratchet & Clank” games), but the California studio is about to join the production as soon as the team is done with “Sunset Overdrive”. A lot of people responsible for the original game are working on the re-imagining, including Design Director Brian Allgeier, North Carolina Studio Director Chad Dezern and Game Director Shaun McCabe, who will lead the project. The composer for the game is still unknown, but it most likely is going to be Michael Bross. As I mentioned earlier, the studio is not reusing anything, including the audio – the game is going to have a completely new soundtrack with some nods to the original Bergeaud’s compositions, but most probably without any remixes.

Image utilisateur

As to the release date, it also is not sure – while in the original announcement it was said that the game will hit the stores in the first half of 2015, Insomniac is now saying, that it is going to be 2015 for sure, but it could be late 2015 as well. The game’s footage is probably going to be shown by the end of this year, but it’s not 100% sure.

As to the movie news, a few details popped up after the E3 trailer as well. While we can’t add any new names to the cast list, there is “a surprise or two still planned”… Or as Film Financial Services’ site (wich is funding the film) summed it up – “Stars TBA”. Also, David Guertin and Greg Baldwin (known among the fans as the “Creaturebox”), people responsible for some really neat designs in the game series are providing concept art for the movie as well, while a former Insomniac animator Oliver Wade is helping oversee animation production at Rainmaker Entertainment.

And that’s it so far, for more details we will have to wait… But as soon as something’s revealed, it will be here, in the news section! As long as my school won’t make it a little bit late… Anyway, enjoy the news again :D

What else's out there

> Check out an article about low-budget animated films production including Brad Foxhoven of Blockade Entertainment.

> Visit unlesspodcasts channel on YouTube to see some developer commentaries of the classic “Ratchet & Clank” games.

> He really hates the squishies… And someone finally captured him doing that live.

Into The Nexus is now out !

By RatchetBlaster, on 11/13/13 at 2:19pm

7 commentsFacebook

Image utilisateur

There hasn't been a classic Ratchet & Clank adventure since 2009. Now is the time to dive back into the series roots with a new story-driven epic !

The Future Saga comes to an end

Into The Nexus is a true return to what the fans love with new weapons, characters and worlds to discover. It may be a short game, but a majority of reviews clearly tell about its quality. There is some great replay value to be found too, and a free voucher to download Quest For Booty, all of this at a very affordable price : only 29,99$ !

Remember that this is probably the last game in the franchise on PS3, a love letter you don't want to miss.

Enjoy the game and feel free to leave your impressions in our forum section !

A launch trailer

If you still need to be convinced to buy ITN, then you should watch the launch trailer. Quite exciting, isn't it ?

>> Watch the launch trailer

A transition toward an even brighter day ?

With the movie coming in theaters in 2015, there is much chance we won't get to hear about our favorite lombax on the videogaming side for some time.

We all hope for a strong comeback on PS4 with a new massive installment, but from now all we have is assumption and belief to count on. Though, you know what ? We are ready to wait, because we know we will be there to welcome Ratchet & Clank as we did the first time. Will you ? ;)

[Exclusive] Interview : Michael Bross

By RatchetBlaster, on 10/07/13 at 12:52am

7 commentsFacebook

A few weeks ago we proposed you to ask your questions to talented composer Michael Bross. Questions which now have their answers today, exclusively on RG !

Unless you have been spending the latest years in a cave, or simply and scandalously ignored our news, you certainly know who the man is : Ratchet & Clank saga's composer for 3 years now, who signed the soundtracks for All 4 One, Q-Force and upcoming Into The Nexus.

Image utilisateur

We hope you will enjoy the interview. Do not hesitate to leave a comment and to thank that artist who would truly diserve it ;)

[Michael Bross answers your questions !]

Career, influences and preferences

Marvin3099 : What composers matter the most to you and are among your main
references ?

I'm influenced by a lot of music and not just film or classical composers. Just recently I've been listening to Rammstein, for example. I also am a big fan of electronic music and don't know even where to start with listing artists in that genre. I can name a few favorite film composers, though--Cliff Martinez, Hans Zimmer, and Harry Gregson-Williams. Classical composers--Stravinsky, Chopin and Sibelius.

superclank : What are your thoughts on the videogames music nowadays ?

I was just telling a fellow composer this morning how amazing it is to work on music for games. Because there are such a wide range of games (from indie to big budget), it allows for us to hear an array of music. I've been attracted to what is going on in the indie scene because that is where I hear some interesting things going on musically.

Samuelbor2 : Would you have some advice for people who would like to become videogames composers ? What course did you follow to get there ?

I studied music in college, but I know composers who haven't and are very talented. I do have advice and I get asked this question enough where I have come up with a page dedicated to it on my blog.

Asthoria/HeatherGrace : Is there a videogame in particular, dear to your heart, and for which you would love composing ?

I've worked on Oddworld games in the past and would love to work on a new, fresh Oddworld game. Also, I'd love to work on a project like Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery or Limbo.

Force-Ratchetblue : You compose for personal albums and for videogames. What are, according to you, the main differences between those two areas ?

There's some overlap for sure, but for my last number of personal releases, I've focused on music that is more electronic or ambient. Lately, I've been working on a project with another musician that combines heavier rock and electronic music. The video game music I tend to work on sometimes combines orchestral, electronic and along with rock, ambient or eclectic tribal or ethnic elements.

MrArendas/crashb648 : What is the composition you are the most proud of ?

That is difficult to say. There are some compositions I've written on both the R&C series as well as Firefall and Oddworld that I am proud of.

nefarious jr : How did the idea to compose for videogames come to your mind ?

I hadn't thought much about it until the opportunity came up to work on a game.
From there, I saw there was whole creative world to explore in games.

Ratchet & Clank series

The Ratchet Galaxy Team : Before debuting your work on the R&C series, did you take some time to listen to previous composers' (David Bergeaud, Boris Salchow) work, or did you prefer to keep your ear "fresh" in order to bring your own style ?

I did take time to listen to previous music from the series. Over the years, a certain sound has developed so I wanted to take that into consideration when composing new music. The aim was to pay respect to that sound while also evolving it into something new.

ZAXEL26 : Have you already been in contact with David Bergeaud and Boris Salchow ?

No, I have not. Boris still does work on Insomniac projects and I was hoping at some point to say hello to him and have a chat.

Lana la Lombax : What instruments do you generally use when you are working on R&C music ?

The palette is usually some combination of orchestral and electronic elements.

Monkey D Luffy : Do you get the impression that you have been improving your work on the series, game after game ?

Like most composers, I'm happiest with any of the latest music I've written over older music. I think music for Into The Nexus is the best so far. With regard to the first two R&C games I worked on, the approaches were different and the stylistic requests from Insomniac required a unique approach for each. I can't say whether one was better than the other, but just different.

arnaud49/The Ruptineer : What is your main source of inspiration when you are composing for R&C ?

At the beginning of each project, there is a lot of discussion about music approach and with that comes a lot of reference music that my team and also the Insomniac team pull together. This is usually a collection of film music, music from past R&C games, electronic tracks and other various music. This collection of music is a basis for inspiration for the soundtrack.

nicob2000 : What is your usual approach when you start composing a new track ?

It's most important to understand the context of where the music will play in the game and what role it needs to fulfill in those given moments. At the beginning of each project, I've also sketched out some core motifs that I have the option to refer to.

gilles-roxas : Have you already considered re-editing or even re-creating tracks which belong to previous games, in a more symphonic and instrumental way ?

Oh, sure. I've never really actually used recordings from past games to re-create something but I have re-used thematic ideas. One of my favorites is Qwark's theme.

cooper13 : Do you have some interesting anecdotes about some of the compositions you created for the series ?

Yes. We just finished up a recording session with an orchestra for this latest game. The main theme I wrote had some particularly challenging elements for the musicians to play. So, I was a little nervous as to whether they would successfully pull it off and didn't know how it would go until I was at the session. Recording sessions can be stressful because there's so much to record in a limited amount of time. But the musicians pulled it off. They were fantastic to work with.

Le Vengeur : Do you work with an orchestra ? If yes, what would be your main motivation for doing so ?

I didn't work with an orchestra on the first two R&C games but did record with one on this current project. Using a real orchestra brings the music to life in a way that doing it with samples can't.

ratchet_et_sonic/gerbensteyaert : What would be your favorite music in the whole series, that you did not compose ?

I like the music from A Crack In Time.

Cat O Cat : How did you come to work on the latest R&C games ?

I was contacted by the lead sound designer, Jamie McMenamy, about the project. Jamie had worked with me on the Oddworld series and that's how we knew each other. For All 4 One, they didn't know who they wanted to use as a composer, so he asked me if I wanted to submit a demo. This I was very happy to do, because I've long been impressed with Insomniac's work on the R&C series.

aurelombax : Had you already played an R&C game before working on the series ? If yes, what were your first impressions ?

Yes, I had played a few--A Crack In Time, Quest For Booty, Tools of Destruction and some of Up Your Arsenal. These games were enjoyable for sure.

ratJTEchet : Would you accept composing the animated R&C movie's soundtrack, which is to be released in 2015 ?

Absolutely. I'd love to work on the film.

Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus

Ratchet_110 : What specific ambitions do you have for Into The Nexus ?

As always, to create the best music that I can for the series.

Xx-Energetik-Ratchet-xX : Can we expect some epic music for the game, especially the final boss ?

Yes, for sure. The music for this boss is divided into 3 different pieces of music. I hope you will find the music satisfying.

Benji64 : With the return of the Thugs-4-Less and other emblematic characters of the series, can we expect some "musical winks" at previous games ?

A bit of winking can be expected here and there ;)

bbevan : Regarding Into The Nexus, are you to keep the same musical style than All 4 One and Q-Force or are you going somewhere darker, more creepy ?

The Insomniac team and I definitely wanted this music to have a wide range of emotion and power behind it. Yes, there are definitely some darker and creepier elements that will appear in the score. I hope you enjoy it.

The whole RG team thank you a lot for accepting this interview and wishes you all the best to come !

[Extra informations]

> An article from the website What Culture points out five reasons why one should play Ratchet & Clank. What would be yours ?

> Insomniac Games is holding a community day at its North Carolina studio. The lucky lombaxes who come will be able to try out some Into The Nexus goodness, meet the developers and leave with a really cool poster...

> Discover a relatively rare artwork depicting a weapon which was cut from the final version of Deadlocked/Gladiator.

Ratchet Galaxy hits its 6th year!

By Vince4x4, on 08/28/13 at 8:00am

6 commentsFacebook

So here it is, yet another year in RG's legacy!
Ratchet Galaxy celebrates its 6th birthday !

Image utilisateur

[Six years of history]

In figures, we have...

During these six years, RG has seen a few people on its forums and on its numerous pages but in the end, statistics have stayed kind of confidential. However, for this special occasion, I thought it would be fun to show you the few figures that come along with these 2190 days of activity!

> 2,5 millions visits
> 322 000 hours spent on the site (almost 37 years!)
> 22 millions of page views
> 199 countries have seen a RG page on their network
> about 230 000 messages (comments included)
> about 350 000 private messages exchanged

And in a video, we have...

As always, RatchetBlaster wanted to give you something for this special event!

Citation : RatchetBlaster
6 years ago began the Future saga. A much more epic dimension, a focus on storytelling, and a much deeper development of the characters. Ratchet & Clank gained maturity then when they first hit a new generation of consoles.

The same year appeared Ratchet Galaxy. Do you see where this is going, don't you? So you've probably guessed it, this video montage retraces the adventures of our favorite duo in the Future saga, but is also a kind of tribute to the long story written by the talented T.J Fixman and a little refresher at the approach of Into the Nexus, that will conclude a unique and memorable great tale.

I hope this will give you the envy to blast right off to the stars of the Polaris galaxy! ;)

[What's next on Ratchet Galaxy ?]

Exclusive interview of Michael Bross

Image utilisateur

As we previously announced, Michael Bross, composer for R&C games since All 4 One, will answer your questions.
This exclusive interview will arrive on the site in a few weeks! So stay tuned, it shouldn't be long by now!

A storm of cutscenes

Image utilisateur

After several demands on your end, our Media-Manager Ratchetlombax has set up the entirety of the cutscenes from Tools of Destruction, Full-Frontal Assault and PlayStation Move Heroes in HD quality on our YouTube channel ! And as usual with him, these are also downloadable on our website in the Multimedia section : you'll also be able to download them in .rar files, either in the same quality that YouTube usually offers for HD videos (and that you can freely copy on your PS3 and PSVita systems, the size and format being suitable for those), or sometimes in a much superieur quality for those who love making AMVs and other video montages ! :p)
If you wish to see the gap in quality of the cutscenes we can now offer, simply look this comparative screenshot with the new version (left side) and the old version (right side) right here ! :^^:

And considering the site...

...I will just say that some hints have made their way onto RatchetBlaster's video!

[More info]

> The gameplay video of R&C: Into The Nexus is now available in a longer version and without audio comments! It is our first opportunity to hear the music composed by Michael Bross!

> A car with a design Red Hot of Aphelion in A Crack In Time ? Check !

The whole RG team thanks you for your support!

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