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Cannes Film Festival to Screen the RaC Movie!

By Animovie Ratchet, on 04/10/15 at 7:32pm

13 commentsFacebook

Image utilisateur
Cinema Management Group has recently revealed that the Ratchet and Clank Movie will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. The screenings will take place on May 15th and May 16th, at 4:00 pm. Don't get too excited; these are going to be market screenings, private events, nothing meant for a wider audience. Last year, Cannes screened a preview of the Ratchet and Clank Movie and several posters were revealed. No release date has been announced yet.

For more info, visit

[RUMOUR] Ratchet & Clank movie pulled back?

By Kubak12, on 04/04/15 at 8:41am

27 commentsFacebook

Yes, it's not April Fools'... A few days ago I decided to ask the movie's distributor in my country about the release date and hoped they'll share the secret with me. Well, they did! And somehow it didn't make me happy... See how it went:

Image utilisateur
Translated version of the conversation.

So, to make things clear, the movie might have been pulled back all the way to the late 2015/early 2016. Now, it's not a 100% sure thing, the distributor might have old information (though that's unlikely), the release date could still be changed and maybe this is all just some sick, late April Fools' joke. The final confirmation will come (soon I hope) from the movie's creators themselves. Until that happens, let's just all stay calm.

And to those who celebrate it, I wish Happy Easter :)

[Aplril Fools'] “Ratchet & Clank” movie gets a release date and a new director

By Kubak12, on 04/01/15 at 4:56am

20 commentsFacebook

April Fools'!

That’s right everybody, the “Ratchet & Clank” movie finally got it’s release date! It’s a little later than we were originally promised, but Blockade Entertainment says there will be no more delays. You will finally be able to enjoy the adventures of our favourite duo on a big screen on February 31st of 2018! Now, some of you might think that’s a pretty big delay for a movie that’s practically finished. Well, apparently the whole project was started over, as a new director and producer offered his help. “When he entered our office, I was thrilled”, said Brad Foxhoven of Blockade Entertainment. “We knew we had to take this opportunity”. “He said my original script wasn’t awesome enough”, says TJ Fixman, the movie’s writer. “Well, when I look at it now, I gotta agree – it did need more explosions”. The voice cast is also being changed (except for Michael Bell, who, as the director said, has a “cool name”). We don’t know the details yet, but one of the main characters (presumably Qwark) is going to be voiced by Megan Fox.

Image utilisateur
New poster for the movie.

By now some of you have probably guessed who that legend of cinema is. That’s right, “Ratchet & Clank” is going to be directed and produced by the one and only… Uwe Boll himself! Because that’s what this article was building up to all this time. “I knew only he could represent the true spirit of the series, so I feel no regret that I had to leave the project”, says the original movie’s director, Kevin Munroe. “Actually, we were approached by Pete Docter, who’s almost done with Inide Out at Pixar, as well as Dean DeBlois, who was even willing to give up on directing ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’”, adds Brad Foxhoven. “But come on, how do you say 'no' to Uwe Boll?”.

So there you have it, blasting into theaters 31.02.2018. Stay tuned for more all-true news on the Ratchet & Clank series and have a qwarktastic day!

Well, happy Apil's Foll everybody ;) If you're one of the people who like Michael Bay or Uwe Boll, that's fine. I'm just doing a childish trolling here ;) The actual release date is still unknown, but it should come very soon. Just wanted to add that we finally got our moderator (RatchetGamer) as well as validator (Filipuntik). You can upload your fanfics to the site again :D

Drek's New Design + Ratchet and Clank News Bundle!

By Animovie Ratchet, on 02/27/15 at 9:07am

29 commentsFacebook

Drek's design has finally been revealed!

Image utilisateur

...and it looks like he gained some weight (and a few chins!)

It has been an interesting two weeks for Ratchet and Clank fans. Last week, Insomniac games finally broke their silence, and announced that they would be test screening the Ratchet and Clank Movie in LA. Apparently, the screenings were met with great applause, and today, some lucky fans get to see the Ratchet and Clank Movie at a private screening in LA!

In other news, Rainmaker Ent. uploaded a youtube video, revealing an updated poster for the Ratchet and Clank Movie.

Image utilisateur

The poster now shows Qwark cowering behind some rubble, and five military jets (supposedly belonging to the Galactic Rangers) flying overhead.
Image utilisateur

Cinema Management Group has yet to update the poster on their site, but they did change the Production status to "In Post-Production." Insomniac Games also said that they would be revealing the release date very soon!

An Insomniac recently said that Talwyn is not the girl in the movie, and made a program to turn black and white pictures into dots of different sizes to make little splashes in the water, and apparently if we look closely we can somewhat recognize pictures of his wife and children.

Want to see more teases for the Ratchet and Clank Movie? Take a peek at Kevin Munroe's instagram!

Two new Ratchet and Clank images found!

By Animovie Ratchet, on 02/11/15 at 10:54pm

37 commentsFacebook

Well folks, in an unusual turn of events, someone on tumblr has seen 5 seconds of the Ratchet and Clank movie/game, and posted two images of it on her website.
Image utilisateur
Image utilisateur
Mum's the word on how she came by this, but nevertheless, the screenshots show Ratchet talking to Clank while walking on Metropolis! There are many cues to Tools of Destruction's version, such as lamp posts and trees. Hopfully this will indicate some form of a trailer for either the Movie, or the game, very soon!

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