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So, what is Ratchet Galaxy ?

  • a huge resource of content, and media : download free wallpapers, music, videos, artwork and more !
  • a great place to meet and discuss with other Ratchet fans
  • a motivated team, open to any suggestion and ready to answer your questions
  • a place to share your fictions, fanarts, and game progressions
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The Full Moon Show is back !

By RatchetBlaster, on 05/19/10 at 3:18am

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Hello everyone :)

As you may already know, Insomniac Games proposes its own podcast, the Full Moon Show. After several months, we are glad to announce it is back on time, one month only before E3.
For this year's season, Insomniac will also offer us an insight of the employees' activities, outside of their work place. This, is Beyond the Game, a new video series that will be broadcasted along side to the Full Moon Show.

You can see the first (rather short) episode right here :^^:

As for the Full Moon Show itself, the first audio episode should be put online this week; probably Thursday, as it has always been the case the past years. The first episode of that new season will give us a lot of informations about Insomniac's cancelled project known as "Girl With a Stick".

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to tell us what you think about this new video series :ok:

What's new on RG ?

> RevanAC joins the english team as a moderator. Please welcome him !
> As some of you may have noticed, the banner of the default design (Dark Blue) has been remade for a better graphical quality.
> Malier has uploaded 14 cutscenes of the first Ratchet & Clank on the PS2! We know you've been asking for it, and we managed to record them (for now, you have some exclusive cutscenes that the french dudes can't download, such as the first cutscene ever starring the Plumber) :p)
If you haven't already downloaded and installed it, you'll certainly need the ffdshow codec pack to play those videos (this pack also includes the DivX codec).

Extras and others

> Ted Price, founder and president of Insomniac, tells what he has to say about the Supreme Court's decision to hear the video game case.
> Ratchet & Clank makes the Guiness Book of World Records as one of the Top 50 gaming franchises of all time. 40th place !
> names Ratchet & Clank 3 as one of the 10 best looking PS2 games, along with prestigious titles such as Metal Gear Solid 3, Jak III and Shadow Of the Colossus.
> (once again) includes Qwark (54th) and Dr.Nefarious (65th) in their top 100 Villains.
> Karting fans rejoy ! ModNation Racers will be soon released in North America, the 25th of this month precisely, and here is the latest trailer showing off the pre-order extra characters such as Kratos, Nathan Drake and of course Ratchet & Clank.
> This great fanmade Ratchet suit has been coming to life. Props to its creator !

A new private messages service for the site !

By RatchetBlaster, on 04/25/10 at 4:15pm

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Hello guys :)

We are pleased to announce a new private messaging service for Ratchet Galaxy. The main improvement : being able to create discussions which can welcome 2 to 5 members each. Here are some of its features :

> Instead of creating multiple private messages for one member in particular, for example, you are now able to create a discussion in which you will invite him/her. That means you can post as many messages in it as you want.
> The person who creates the discussion becomes its administrator, and is the only one who can invite other members. However, you cannot eject anyone.
> If the administrator leaves the discussion, the latter will still be active and the other participants can continue to talk.
> A discussion can never end unless each one of its participants quit. In this case, the discussion will be automatically deleted.
> As before, the messages whose lifespan is older than 2 months, are automatically deleted.
> The guest(s) of a discussion has/have access to all of the messages posted in it, even those posted before they integrated it.
> The "Archives" option let you read the messages you received on the older PM service, but this, during only one month, starting from today. If you have any important messages you wish to save, copy them on Wordpad, for instance. Beyond this period, the "Archives" option will disappear, to let the new service the whole way.
> The Javascript function of your web browser must be activated.

We hope you enjoy the new service :) We do think it is far more convenient than the older one, and will save some space on your PM board :^^:
As always, we want to know what you think and are waiting for your appreciations, whether positive or negative.

The team is growing !

> FinalFantasyFan joins the team as a moderator on the english version of the site.
> ratchetandyann joins the team as a fanfics validator on the french version of the site.

Please welcome both of them :)


> The R&C Future action figures are back with a new series. First picture !
> Insomniac Games is one of the first video games studios to use a new motion capture technology, said to be revolutionnary since it uses... bluetooth !
> The website Screwattack integrates the R.Y.N.O in its video series "The Armory", as one of the most powerful weapons in video games history.
> The Full Moon Show will be back soon ! If you have any questions about the "Girl with a Stick" project, make sure to ask them on the Insomniac forums, or on their twitter page.

What's up on RG?

By Ratchetlombax, on 04/10/10 at 10:30am

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Hey there dudes!

Today's news right below are quite nice. Enjoy :)

Ratchet and Qwark on stage!

A few weeks ago, an annual convention, wich consists in giving prices to the interactives works, a bit like the Video Game Oscars, took place : the 13th Annual Interactive Achievments Awards.
Unfortunately, no price was given to our furry and metallic companions, but Insomniac Games can still be proud, because R&CF : A Crack In Time was named in 4 categories : Best Animation, Best Graphics, Best Original Story and Best Adventure Game.
The Californian studio had also realised a short video with Ratchet and Qwark to begin this event... well, mostly Qwark :o))
Some of you might have already seen it, but it's still fun to see it several times :D

>> Ratchet and Qwark on stage for the 13th AIAA

A new recruit in the Team!

We have the pleasure to announce you that TriggerAzura is now a part of the English staff, which is still growing as we find motivated people.
We should have now 2 redactors and 2 moderators jobs left. We're trying to find those people as fast as possible and try to keep the English Version alive, even though the number visits is growing up!

Anyway, good luck to our new redactor, that we'll treat well! :diable:

The fan-made creations of the day

> Ratchet made with stained glass
> Beginning of a Ratchet costume
> Painting still being in process

Ratchet & Clank in Mod Nation Racers !

By RatchetBlaster, on 03/24/10 at 1:43am

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Hello everyone :)

Ratchet and Clank sure love karting !

Ratchet and Clank are making their way to what promises to be the ultimate karting game ever made, Mod Nation Racers.
Indeed, the duo will be available as part of a pre-order campaign, along with Kratos from the God Of War series and Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series.

Image utilisateur

Image utilisateur

There is only one way to get the cool Ratchet & Clank models, and for this, you will have to pre-order the game on :^^:

> Pre-order the game now

What's new on Ratchet Galaxy ?

Designs' wallpapers available for download
The wallpapers used for the three different designs of the site are now available in the Wallpapers category.

We need you !
The Ratchet Galaxy french team is looking for english/american fellow Lombaxes with a good sense of writing. They will be asked to complete several tasks, such as writing descriptions for characters, planets, weapons, and so on, but also documents like the Insomniac Games studio's history.
Please let us know if you are interested by posting a comment on this news ;)

A retro design for Ratchet Galaxy and some other news

By Vince4x4, on 03/13/10 at 5:30am

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In the latest news, you discovered a brand new design, based on Quest For Booty universe. In this news, you will discover the ancient design of Ratchet Galaxy which was used a long time ago for the first version of the site. Indeed, this design was replaced by the current design on July 2009, that's why only a few English members will recognize it.

Image utilisateur

Of course, we had to create new elements to suit the RGv2 structure, but we kept a lot of images that were used on that old-fashioned design (banner, menus, news) ;)
We hope that you'll like this retro touch as much as our french members already appreciate it

R&C Collection Petition
If you followed our latest news, you should know that Insomniac Games is quite interested in the creation of a R&C Collection - a compilation of all the R&C on PS2 published HD-ised on a Blu-Ray Disc.
However, a project like this one can only be realized if a lot of people look interested, in order to convince SCEA to start this re-edition.
That's why we decided to upload a petition that we invite you to sign and that we'll send to Insomniac :^^:

> Sign the Petition

Other infos
> New R&C Items on the PlayStation Home.
> Insomniac confirms that their Burbank studio is actually working on two projects at the same time, like they did in the past 3 years.
> The Full Moon Show will continue soon, before summer arrives.

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