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Comic Book
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Producer : D.C Comics
Scriptwriter : T.J Fixman
Covers : Dave Guertin et Alec Baldwin
Drawings : Adam Archer
Release dates [Volume 1] :

  • Europe Unknown
  • USA 8th September 2010

Distribution :

  • Europe Digital distribution (PS Store) - Unknown price
  • USA Paper and digital distribution - 3.99$ / volume


Taking place after the events in a Crack in Time, we see our heroes return to the Solana Galaxy for some rest, but as usual, they are called to duty. Entire planets have been disappearing from the solar system and at the beckon of Galactic President Quark, Ratchet and Clank are sent to investigate. The duo are put to the test as they encounter perhaps their most dangerous and capable enemy... a Markazian planet thief who goes by the name of Artemis Zogg!



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