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So, what is Ratchet Galaxy ?

  • a huge resource of content, and media : download free wallpapers, music, videos, artwork and more !
  • a great place to meet and discuss with other Ratchet fans
  • a motivated team, open to any suggestion and ready to answer your questions
  • a place to share your fictions, fanarts, and game progressions
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A few updates !

By Ratchetlombax, on 01/20/10 at 1:36pm

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New things on the site !

> The ImgBox function has been added in the options while you're writing a message. It allows you to show an image directly on the site, through a simple link. Example
> The Youtube function has been added in the options while you're writing a message. It allows you to show a Youtube video on the site, through a simple link. Example
> The connection status (online Image utilisateur/offline Image utilisateur) of each and every member is now displayed on the left of his nickname, on every message in the forums.
> The smileys' list has been extended, and edited so that there's no more grey shadow near them, which makes them nicer to see.
> Welcome to DreRossi in the RG Team ! This new redactor will work on the English part of the site. He also has begun to write the R&CF:ACIT walkthrough!

More info

> A big fan of Ratchet & Clank has created a nice and fun Scrabble with the Lombax alphabet, and each letter was carved with a laser. Awesome work dude!
> The American Boxart of R&CF:ACIT has been chosen as one of the 15 beautifulest PS3 boxarts.
> Insomniac Games has written a news about our R&CF:ACIT Stats Cards on their site !

Please note that more updates are coming to the site, and some of them will show up pretty soon :)

Ratchet & Clank action figures now available !

By RatchetBlaster, on 01/06/10 at 12:27pm

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Hello everyone :)

I am happy to announce that the Ratchet & Clank action figures, created by DC, are now available in the United States !

You can make a choice among 4 duos, each one costing ~17/25$, or buy the whole package for ~60$. Amazon and ebay are already selling them.

The 4 duos are :
> Ratchet and Clank
> Ratchet and Mr.Zurkon
> Dr.Nefarious and a Zoni
> Captain Qwark and Scrunch

Image utilisateur

Happy New Year on Ratchet Galaxy !

By RatchetBlaster, on 12/31/09 at 3:00pm

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Image utilisateur

A new year beginning on Ratchet Galaxy

The whole team wishes everyone a happy new year ! ;)
May 2010 shine for all of you, with new friendships, more happiness, and of course, a lot of love !
We are really happy to be able to share the Ratchet Galaxy experience with our neighbours living in England or America, and are proud of what the site has become, thanks to a passionate community of fans :)

It is a new year for everyone, so let 2010 rock our lives !

R&C ACIT receives new awards

Insomniac Games can be proud of their latest baby, and hopefully, they are given some consideration for their fantastic work.
Gamespot has awarded R&C ACIT with Best Plateformer and Best writing/dialogues in their "Best-of 2009". Two prizes amply deserved, aren't they ? :^^:

New improvements for the site

- The Music page for R&C ACIT has been reorganized, and is now lighter and more readable. The complete OST being quite extensive (232 tracks), we have decided to divide it in 3 parts.
- The site is now equipped with a new way of display for videos. Only a few of them are concerned for now, but in the coming days most of them will be playable in streaming, directly from the site.

Merry Christmas to All!

By Ratchetlombax, on 12/24/09 at 3:00pm

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Image utilisateur

Yep, it's already Christmas, and we decided to offer you some special gifts for this special event!

The Cutscenes

We will then start with the cutscenes, which are quite surprising, as you will read along!

Image utilisateur

Like some of you may know, the cutscenes of Ratchet & Clank Future : Tools of Destruction and Ratchet & Clank Future : Quest for Booty already were available for download for a long time... but in a low quality of video and sound... and in French :p)
That's why I started to record these cutscenes again, in a much better quality, in an avi format along with the DivX Codec (for a good-quality file, whitout having a heavy file)... but also in English, as some people from Insomniac asked for it! :^^:

The recorded cutscenes of R&CF:TOD have also a little detail : they were all taken with Ratchet's first suit, that means not buying any armor, from the beginning to the end of the game! This was a pain, but it was worth it, so we can see all the facial expressions from our favorite lombax! :)

But that's not all!
Indeed, since the release of Ratchet & Clank Future : A Crack In Time, the cutscenes have also been recorded, without any problem, because Insomniac disabled the armor's specificity during the cutscenes!

And finally, last but not least, Malier has sent us the 4 first cutscenes of Ratchet & Clank : Going Commando, in English!

So, in order to watch these videos correctly, you'll have to download and install the ffdshow codec pack, which includes the DivX Codec, on this link (click on any link to download the zip). You will then be able to read those videos with your usual Media Player.

The cutscenes are available for download on the usual pages :
>> Videos of R&C:GC <<
>> Videos of R&CF:TOD <<
>> Videos of R&CF:QFB <<
>> Videos of R&CF:ACIT <<

Music of R&CF:ACIT

The OST of Ratchet & Clank Future : A Crack In Time was already downloadable on the site, but wasn't complete, and what's not complete isn't perfect!

Image utilisateur

Thanks to KBABZ's hardworking, a member that we kindly thank, we now have the almost-complete OST of the game (2 or 3 tracks are missing, but nothing very important), which has 232 tracks, whith the in-game music, the music of 3 radios (Pirate Radio, House of Synth and Deep Space Jams), the Commercials and the Breaking News!

The soundtrack can be listened and downloaded on the usual page :
>> Music of R&CF:ACIT <<

Match : Ratchet Galaxy versus Starship Phoenix

Image utilisateur

Indeed, on Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves, a little tournament will take place in the next few days with our friends from Starship Phoenix. We invite you to post on this thread to sign up for one of the two teams! Of course, you have to possess the game and the console :p)
We'll then create several little teams that will play against each other. Every team will confront every team from the other side!

On this final thing, the team wishes you a Happy Christmas and hopes that you are enjoying your holidays! :^^:

[UPDATE] A Price for R&CF:ACIT + A Little Surprise!

By Ratchetlombax, on 12/14/09 at 9:30am

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Hey there everyone :)

Two new informations just came out, as you may know by reading the news :^^:

R&CF:ACIT gets its first reward

The last game from Insomniac Games has been elected as 6th best game of the year, in Associated Press's top 10, the well known magazine. We also find some prestigious titles such as Uncharted 2 and inFamous.

A good news for R&CF ACIT, who was unfortunately dominated in a market of shooting games with photorealistic aesthetics. So, no, the cartoon genre is not dead, and that's good!

A new skin for R&CF ACIT

We have already seen it in an interview about replay value; remember the skin that some people named "Ratchet Elvis"... well there it is, the cheat code to unlock this skin has been unveiled, a month after the game was released in Japan!

Its official name is "Bancho Ratchet", and to unlock it, you'll have to enter this code while you're on the pause menu :
Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle, Square, Cross, Circle, R3 (clic on the right joystik).

Other infos

> The R&C Marathon organized by Piece of Heart, for the association Child's Play, has not been useless : the $1000 amount has been reached, and even exceeded. Thanks to the contestants and the donators!
> The release date of the R&C Figures is no longer planned for December 11th, but for January 6th, 2010.

[UPDATE] Some new Ratchet & Clank ornaments are available on the PlayStation Home stores! You'll find Cronk, Eviscerator, Dr. Nefarious and more!

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