Music from R&C Movie


Complete OST from Ratchet & Clank Movie

Composer : Evan Wise
Tracks : 16
Publication : 2016

1 Bad News Travels Fast – Jelly Roll feat. JR Moore
2 Ratchet’s Main Title
3 The Deplanetizer
4 Qwark’s Address Canyon Run
5 Warbot Factory and Clank’s Birth And Escape
6 Ratchet’s Lament and Clank’s Crash Landing
7 Battle Of Alerro City Weapons Training and Ratchet’s Fame
8 Espionage on Quartu
9 Dear Diary and Qwark’s Plan
10 Drek and Nefarious Strike Back
11 Grim’s Story and The Rangers’ Return
12 The Sheepinator
13 Showdown on the Deplanetizer
14 Escape from the Deplanetizer
15 Parting Ways
16 A Mechanical Uprising


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