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Favorite Glove of Doom? 06/20/16
Favorite Hologuise? 06/13/16
Favorite version of the Buzz Blades? 06/10/16
How would you rate the RaC movie? 06/01/16
What should the next Ratchet and Clank be? 05/16/16
Favorite Ps2 weapon from the Ps4 game? 05/10/16
How would you rate the Ps4 game? 05/04/16
What difficulty will you first play the Ps4 game on? 03/27/16
Thoughts on the Plumber's return? 03/09/16
Favorite design of Nefarious? 02/29/16
Thoughts on the Novel/Reader? 02/23/16
Which Ps2 character do you hope returns in the PS4 game? 02/16/16
Thoughts on new poster? 02/10/16
If you were a Galactic Ranger, who would you be like the most? 02/02/16
What could Qwark's allegiance with Drek be like? 01/26/16
Question Publication
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