Playstation All Stars : Battle Royale


Publisher : Sony
Développeur PS3 : SuperBot Entertainment
Développeur PSVita : Bluepoint Games
Release dates :

  • Europe November 21st, 2012
  • USA November 18nd, 2012
  • Japon January 31st 2013

System : PlayStation 3 / PlayStation Vita
Format : Blu-Ray Disc Blu-Ray
Multiplayer : Yes (4 players)
Trophies : Yes

Welcome to the Battle Royale, the greatest fighting tournament in the Playstation history ! Play iconic characters such as Kratos, Sackboy, Dante, and of course Ratchet & Clank, in dynamic and evolutive arenas with up to 3 friends on the same screen or online. Ever dreamt of a fight Jak VS Ratchet ? It has now become reality !

Official Websites :


Preview (bêta)


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