Planets from R&C : All 4 One



Sections : Rooftop Amphitheatre

Gold Bolts : None
Skill Points : 2


The rest of the game is set on planet Magnus, in the following varied places.

Aldaros Plains

Sections : Detention Cells, Outside Receiving Station, Archipelago, Village Entrance, Village Outskirts

Gold Bolts : 9
Skill Points : 5

The Deadgrove

Sections : Orthani Gorge, Root Cavern, Access Shaft, Mining Camp, Abyss

Gold Bolts :
Skill Points : 7


Sections : Elerox Pass, Moktor Outpost, Vertigus Cliffs, N.E.S.T. Entrance, Rehabitation Centre

Gold Bolts :
Skill Points : 5

Octonok Cay

Sections : Cove, W.A.S.P., Reef Shallows, Octonok Lighthouse, Top of Lighthouse

Gold Bolts :
Skill Points : 3

Terawatt Forest

Sections : Kaleero Trail, Rossa Fields, Gorthon Crater, Exploratorium Power Station, Hall of Paradoxology

Gold Bolts :
Skill Points : 2

Phonica Moon

Sections : Ornithopter Ascent, Phonica Craters, Security Tunnels, Dr. Croid's Secret Lab

Gold Bolts :
Skill Points : 2

Polar Sea

Sections : Middle of Nowhere, Polar Ice Floes, Valley Floor

Gold Bolts :
Skill Points : 3

Uzo City

Sections : City Ruins, City, Vilerog Plateau, Ephemeris

Gold Bolts :
Skill Points : 1


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