Ratchet & Clank : Full Frontal Assault

Boxart of R&C:FFA

Publisher : Sony
PS3 Developper : Insomniac Games
PSVita Developper : Tin Giant
Release dates :

  • Europe November 28th 2012
  • USA November 27th 2012
  • Japon Fall 2012

Composer : Michael Bross
Systems : PlayStation 3 / PlayStation Vita
Format : Blu-Ray Disc Blu-Ray / Playstation Network Downloadable content
Multiplayer : 4 players online / 2 players splitscreen

Access the R&C : Full Frontal Assault Forum

Full Frontal Assault is a new and innovative game in the series, with traditionnal 3rd person gameplay but with a twist : defending your own base, while exploring the battlefield and attacking the ennemy's base. A competitive mode allows up to 4 players to fight online in 2 vs 2 matches, while a cooperative mode offers 2 players a chance to complete the story together, offering the game a great replay value.

Official Websites :

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