Hello, if you're on this page, it's because you're curious to know who is hiding behind Ratchet Galaxy !

If you want to help us completing Ratchet Galaxy's content, please propose your help on the Suggestions forum.


The staff is divided in four groups :

- The Moderators, who handle the forums.
- The Writers, who complete the website's content.
- The Media-Sources, especially handle the content with music, videos and images.
- The Administrators, who combine all the functions.

Nickname Function
French Vince4x4 Administrator
French Scorpion Moderator
French JaKhris Moderator
French RatchetBlaster Moderator
English RevanAC Moderator
English RatchetGamer Moderator
French Ratchetlombax Media-Manager
English Kubak12 Newser
English Animovie Ratchet Newser
French Malier313 Media-Source
English Barnaby Media-Source
French BlueLombaX Writer
English Amon Ayres Writer
French ratchetandyann Validator
French StreetPablo Validator
English Filipuntik Validator

Special Thanks

The team would especially like to thank a few people like The-Robot, who made the first logo of the website, but who also helped Vince with the php problems at the very beginning of the website. Also, a few people helped by giving documents, images and some other stuff. Thanks to Cogi who created the Clank smilies, which are very used in our forums!
And now, some special thanks go to JaKhris, the administrator of, who made the second and third logo of Ratchet Galaxy after approving a partnership between our two websites! He also helped in the developement of the 2nd version of Ratchet Galaxy and, thanks to him, Vince didn't commit suicide while facing some problems...
Finally, thanks to all the team who made a wonderful job since the beginning.

We would like to thank all of our contributors who helped creating many categories, and who continue to make the site grow, day after day :
Turboblaster, GabsX23, Linkinito, zywuxo, Daxterminator, rérélien, Clank93, Akima Senoo, superclank, Lombax13, KBABZ

Website history

  • April 2007
    During this month, the website's name is chosen : it's Ratchet Galaxy then. At the same time, Vince reserves the domain name. It's the beginning of a long coding period. The design's tests are quite painful, and finally, the first version with a lot of dark and grey colours are abandonned for a blue design inspired by R&C:GC.
  • April to August 2007
    The website is going on and is compleiting bits by bits during this period. The coding is progressing and the first helps came to us. Meanwhile, the first news about R&CF:TOD are coming and force us to work faster.
  • August 28th 2007 to 2008
    Official release of the website on this year's August 28th. The publication of the first news, of the first fanfiction and the first messages come in the forums, even though the visits are still very weak. It's only a few months later, with R&CF:TOD's release that the visits flew off. We have summits but the members' activity still stays weak.
  • Year 2008
    A lot of new content is coming and some pages are brought to life. During that time, the team is expanding and the activity on the forums is finally taking off. Some designs are also added to the main design. The navigation in the website stays the same.
  • Beginning of 2009
    The idea of a new version pops out and finally materialises in April. Meanwhile, the first big disconnection stands out and lasts 2 days. The main problem was coming from a complicated domain problem!
  • v2 release
    After almost four months of developing with a lot of empty and full-time of work periods, the v2 is released on July 20th, 2009! Originally, the version #2 of Ratchet Galaxy was meant to bring a simple graphical evolution, but, during the developement, ideas came and that's how some new functions and pages came out. In these new pages, we can find the fan art system, aswell as the new games factsheets layout, and, last but not least, a new community dimension for the members with the buddy lists and the trophy system.
  • English version release
    Two years and three months after the official opening of Ratchet Galaxy, the english version is born. Resulting from a long and hard work, the english version traces a new way for the community. Therefore, the team starts the recruitment of english speaking members, willing to make the site international. Since then, the english forum has been growing, while the english team is expanding more and more.

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