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Je sers à… j'ai fait la bannière.
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Nickname : JaKhris
Born on : February 31st, 1992
Language : French French
Registration : 09/01/2007

Last login on 10/11/17 at 10:13am
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  • Gender : Male
  • Country : France
  • City : Lyon
  • Posts : 470
  • Passions / Hobbies : Musique, cinéma, arts graphiques
  • Website : Visit
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Consoles Statistics Rank lvl10
4 Games consoles owned

   PS2  Playstation 2

   PS3  Playstation 3

   PSP  Playstation Portable

   PSVita  Playstation Vita

8 Or (Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet & Clank : GC, Ratchet & Clank : UYA, Ratchet : Deadlocked, R&CF: Tools Of Destr., R&CF: Quest For Booty, R&CF: A Crack In Time, The R&C Trilogy HD)
1 Argent (Ratchet & Clank : SM)
1 Bronze (R&C : FF Assault)
Lombax Commander
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Multiplayer games owned (17) Consoles on RG
   Minecraft pc243 players
   LittleBigPlanet ps3219 players
   Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves ps3198 players
   Grand Theft Auto IV ps3156 players
   Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood ps3144 players
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