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Nickname : RevanAC
Born on : October 21st, 1991
Language : English English
Registration : 03/09/2010

Last login on 08/04/16 at 1:03pm
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  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Ireland
  • City : /
  • Posts : 283
  • Passions / Hobbies : Gaming, Drawing
  • Website : Visit
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Consoles Statistics Rank lvl5
3 Games consoles owned

   PS2  Playstation 2

   PS3  Playstation 3

   PSP  Playstation Portable

0 Or
2 Argent (R&CF: Tools Of Destr., R&CF: A Crack In Time)
1 Bronze (R&CF: Quest For Booty)
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Multiplayer games owned (29) Consoles on RG
   Ratchet & Clank : All 4 One ps3353 players
   Minecraft pc244 players
   LittleBigPlanet ps3221 players
   Ratchet & Clank : Full Frontal Assault ps3208 players
   Grand Theft Auto IV x360156 players
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Picture made by Kitten Karnivore:

my dA:

R.Y.N.O V MusicR.Y.N.O V Music
Quest for Booty,...Quest for Booty, disappointing?
The Best Game of 2012The Best Game of 2012
What to do if you don't...What to do if you don't have a lovecrush yet?
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