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Yo buddy, you still alive?

Nickname : ankadewo
Born on : January 3rd, 2000
Language : English English
Registration : 08/22/2014

Last login on 10/23/17 at 2:59pm
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  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Other country
  • City : Bogor, Indonesia
  • Posts : 2610
  • Passions / Hobbies : Gaming, history (especially military history), AIRPLANES, AND TANKS..
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   PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale ps396 players
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I'm just a quite new fan and probably late to the party. Interested in Ratchet & Clank since 2014. Also interested in other games like the Ace Combat and The Sims series. And about online gaming, I mainly play Team Fortress 2 and War Thunder. And don't you even think I'm gonna leak all of my important informations in the internet!


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